ArenDraw - Protective and lubricant solution for deep drawing applications

Dry lube solution for drawing applications on stainless steel

ArenDraw : protective and lubricant function during the cold deformation process of stainless steel ; high scratch resistant.

This technology is working as plastic films, utilized to protect metal with special aesthetic needs. Processes experts of cold deformation of metals are well aware of the impact of waste due to the phenomenon of plastic protection film disintegration, commonly used in production processes described above; in fact, the deposition of residues of peel into moulds, makes waste due dents on the components that are not drawn with the right quality conformity. 


  • avoids peelable film : less waste on the production floor 
  • product can be stacked  without risk of scratches
  • removable with hot water (60°C)
  • low environmental impact (VOC free)



Front and side panels, doors, lids, covers, control panels of domestic appliances

Precision parts deep drawn in stainless steel

Computer casings, back panels of TVs, hi-fi


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