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ARCEO Engineering takes actively part in the hydrogen mobility revolution

Due to its experience in continuous PVD process acquired during the past 15 years, ARCEO Engineering is now at the heart of the PEMFC technology through the development of anti-corrosion and conductive coatings for metallic coils to produce bipolar plates designed for hydrogen fuel cells.
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Company profile

ARCEO Engineering is a Belgian SPECIALTY COIL COATER manufacturing high added value pre-painted metals. We help pre-painted metal consumers to add benefit to their business by coating metallic coils with protective, optimized or embellishing coatings.

We were born in the R&D department of ArcelorMittal and today we are a 100% independent coil coater fully owned by SOGEPA. ARCEO Engineering started its work in 2014 with 37 staff.  More info on contacts.

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Thanks to our R&D background, nowadays ARCEO Engineering‘s customers can:

  • Benefit from our extensive expertise in roll coating applications, in particular for zinc and stainless steel substrates
  • Obtain customized PVD coating solutions, in particular in hydrogen fuel cell developments
  • Rely on us for a reliable, technical and pro-active service
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With the aims of embellishment, protection and optimisation, ARCEO Engineering offers solutions in a wide range of applications, which are to be found in the construction sector, domestic appliances, the automotive sector and special applications, such as the following:

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    Special applications


Our coating facility can handle a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, such as steel, tinplate, cold rolled electrogalvanized steel, galvanized steel, aluminium-zinc coated steel, aluminium-silicon coated steel, such as Aluzinc®, Alupur®, Alusi®, electrolytic chromium-coated steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and copper. Download our capabilities for metallic substrates here. On most of our surface treatments, a protective film can be applied ; please consult our product datasheets.


ARCEO Engineering is located in Liège (Belgium) and has an industrial production line dedicated to PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology. The principle of PVD consists of accelerating ions under a vacuum and colliding them with a coating material.

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