Company profile

ARCEO Engineering is a SPECIALTY COIL COATER, offering high added value surface treatment products. Our aim is to offer our customers specialised solutions in the domains of metallic surface embellishment, corrosion and handling protection and process optimisation.

We EMBELLISH household goods with high gloss coatings and double face coatings and enhance the appearance of brushed stainless steel, as well as offering colour shades for zinc facades, together with extensive experience in colour matching.

We PROTECT brushed stainless steel surfaces against fingerprints, facilitate self-cleaning of facades, protect trailer cladding against gravel impact, and protect the rear side of zinc claddings against wear and tear.

We OPTIMISE our customers’ production processes by applying specific adhesive primers and improving the energy efficiency of transformers and ovens.

ARCEO Engineering has 2 types of continuous coating processes: an ORGANIC ROLL COATING LINE and a PHYSICAL VAPOUR DEPOSITION LINE (PVD). We handle metallic coated steel and bare steel, tinplate, electrolytic chromium coated steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and copper substrates.

ARCEO Engineering is located in the heart of Europe. Its young and dynamic team, with profound technical backgrounds, will handle your inquiries quickly.

We accompany our industrial customers in their projects, by placing our facility and our experience at their disposal for the hired work requirements.

Historical background

ARCEO Engineering S.A. is a young independent coil coater, which was part of the R&D department of ArcelorMittal. Fully owned by SOGEPA, the company started its work in 2014 with the aim of developing specialised solutions in the coil coating market. Today, ARCEO Engineering has 37 staff, all with extensive experience in the coil coating industry.