Company profile

In our product range you can find pre-painted metal solutions for specific protection, embellishment and process optimization requirements. Some brief examples of what we can do are: 
  • We keep alive and enhance the brushed aspect of the stainless steel for home appliances; we apply flexible and high gloss coatings for deep drawing applications.
  • We offer colour shades for zinc facades.
  • We protect brushed stainless steel surfaces against fingerprints, facilitate self-cleaning of facades, protect trailer cladding against gravel impact, and protect the rear side of zinc claddings against wear and tear.
  • We optimise our customers’ production processes by applying a foamable adhesive primer for improved insulated wall panels, an adhesive primer for facilitating steel PVC lamination and heat shields for reducing the energy loss of ovens and transformers.

As steel is part of our current world, many industries can benefit from our activity. Various manufacturers can find in ARCEO Engineering coating solutions to specific metal-related problems, for example: insulated wall panel manufacturers, steel service centers, home appliance manufacturers, construction & building, oil & gas, industrial cutting, metal working, whiteboard manufacturers and transport.

Why choose ARCEO Engineering?
  • 2 types of coating technologies          
  • Multiple-substrate coating lines: with just one coil coater you can pre-paint various metallic substrates at the same time. Some examples of them are stainless steel, aluminium, laminated zinc, galvanized steel, among others.   
  •  Various steel substrates: when working with steel, you don’t need to worry about its type; our lines can handle different steel qualities, from cold rolled steel to aluminized steel type 2. Just check our capabilities in our product section

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification: you can trust on our continual service improvement for you.