Dry lubricant for deep drawing stainless steel: ArenDraw. A new quality improvement and ecological alternative to peelable films

ArenDraw is a solid lubricant, protective, scratch resistant and biodegradable coating proposed to work as a peelable film for drawing and perforation activities. Their basic components are a synergized blend of solid lubricants, polymers and removable water.

Peelable films are polymeric materials designed to withstand the forces applied on sheet metals during cold forming and metal working to ensure metal surface protection. Depending on the piece complexity, the peelable film can be difficult to peel off (or tiny plastic parts can remain on the tool), resulting in production downtime, tool maintenance and quality issues.  

How can ArenDraw make the difference?

ArenDraw is a dry lube coating applied on stainless steel or aluminium working as a peelable film designed to withstand deep drawing and perforation forces while it safeguards the metal surface aesthetics.

Let’s look at what ArenDraw can do for your business

1)      ArenDraw is a water soluble coating easy to remove and offering cost reduction.

This means no need of a peeling step after your drawing or perforation activities, so you don’t need any longer to slow down your production process. It can go faster removing ArenDraw at once with tempered water (60°C).

You can also forget the quality problems caused by plastic residues on the drawn or perforated pieces in the subsequent production steps. With ArenDraw you are sure that you remove all your lubricant film from the piece surface at once in the washing step.

2)      A biodegradable coating whose formulation is based on an aqueous phase

With ArenDraw you will reduce the plastic consumption that is not biodegradable and that accumulates in the ecosystem. Additionally, ArenDraw is completely safe for your operators because it is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

3)      A production cost-reducing coating

Decreasing the peelable film consumption will also diminish your maintenance costs as you will not risk having plastic residues in your production tools. This consumption decrease will also reduce your production costs due to plastic disposal and you will gain stock area as well.  

4)      No scratching coating

ArenDraw is a lubricant and protective coating for stainless steel and aluminium. Products will not be scratched and can be stacked without any risk.

These four advantages make ArenDraw the ideal technical and ecological alternative for lubricating and protecting your metals during your deep drawing and perforation activities.

For more technical information, please see the ArenDraw technical datasheet and our ArenDraw presentation.


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