ArenClean - Self cleaning Ti O2 coating (PVD).

ArenClean ensures the long term aesthetic look of your pre-coated metallic facades.

ArenClean is a nanometer thin TiO2 transparent layer applied on precoated metallic surfaces and based on the PVD vacuum technology (Physical Vapour Deposition)

ArenClean confers 2 functionalities :

  • dust barrier : the nanometer thin TiO2 layer avoids dust to penetrate in the porosity of the top coat
  • hydrophilic function : activated by UV's, the TiO2 layer allows water to evenly spread onto the facade, ensuring an easy removal of the fouling, without stains 

Advantages :

  • avoids embedded dust and fooling
  • ease of cleaning ; high pressure hose is sufficient !
  • strong stability thanks to PVD process
  • 10 years of warranty on the presence of TiO2 layer

ArenClean is available on all outdoor pre painted metallic surfaces (steel, zinc, aluminium) ; its transparency  respects the top coat colour.

ArenClean gives hydrophilic properties ensuring water spreads evenly over the surface; fouling is easily removed.

Thanks to ArenClean your façade  maintains its original appearance !


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