ArenErase Nano, excelling whiteboard steel. Discover now!

ArenErase Nano – Superior pre-painted steel for whiteboard application.

ArenErase Nano is an advanced nanocating applied on a steel substrate. This whiteboard steel technology enables to produce a smooth and non porous surface. In fact, this surface is a vitreous material similar to glass that can be obtained at much lower temperatures than the ones needed for glass melting, hence price quality ratio is fully optimized. ArenErase Nano provides an exceptional erasibility making the whiteboard surface more durable. ArenErase Nano is designed for a long-term intensive use.


Other advantages of ArenErase Nano:

  •          Outstanding stain resistance
  •          Scratch resistant
  •          Exceptional temperature behavior
  •          Magnetic surface
  •          Printability
  •          Water-soluble markers
  •          Semi-permanent markers and permanent markers able to be removed with a solvent-based cleaner

ArenErase Nano is available on galvanized steel, Tinplate and TFS (Tin Free Steel) in coil format. Substrate thickness goes from 0.17mm to 1.2mm thick. More conventional whiteboard qualities are also available on the same substrate materials and thicknesses. 

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