Discover our new antimicrobial pre-coated steels!

Silver ion - based technology designed to help provide extra protection against cross contamination.

Bacteria are everywhere surviving on solid surfaces as biofilms. In collaboration with MICROBAN, ARCEO Engineering now integrates SilverShield® technology in its conventional coatings on flat carbon steel and stainless steel under the supervision of an internationally recognized laboratory. This silver ion-based technology is already widely used in various applications and provides extra protection against bacterial cross contamination caused by direct skin contact with surfaces exposed in multiple-user environments.

Integrated SilverShield® technology in ARCEO Engineering coatings provide bio-enhanced surfaces and as such helps reduce bacteria proliferation. SilverShield® has been tested against Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus proving an outstanding surface bacteria reduction. SilverShield® has been designed using an advanced silver ion leaching control technology: more info on MICROBAN/SilverShield. 

Integrated SilverShield® technology in ARCEO Engineering coatings is particularly fitted to cold rooms, clean rooms, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, transportation and gym facilities, airports, offices, private and industrial kitchens.

Our bio-enhanced coatings on stainless steel

ArenTouch SilverShield® - Anti fingerprint coating with antibacterial properties on brushed stainless steel.  

  •          Resistant to fingerprints
  •          Easy to clean
  •          Resistant to stains
  •          Available for all types of stainless steel
  •          Indoor use
  •          Microbial resistance 
  •          Safe for food contact 

Our bio-enhanced coatings on Flat Carbon Steel

 ArenHiFlex SilverShield® – High gloss and flexible colored coating with antibacterial properties on hot dip galvanized steel.

  •          Flexible coating allowing excellent deep drawing capability
  •          Good scratch resistance
  •          Double sided coating upon request
  •          Microbial resistance
  •          Safe for food contact

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details if you are looking for high technological effective surface treatment solutions. It will be a pleasure to assist you!

Read this silver ion - based technology article if you want to learn more about this technology.


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B-4400 Ivoz-Ramet (Flémalle), Belgium

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  • Bread container
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  • Public restroom
  • Clean room
  • ISO 9001 2015 (Red)