How to improve the quality of your insulated wall panels with ArenFoam

Great trick to obtain excellent insulated metallic panels for your cold rooms, clean rooms and caravans.

Also called sandwich panels, insulated wall panels are laminated composites consisting of thin and stiff face sheets, usually made of galvanized steel, cold rolled, stainless steel or aluminum, bonded to a thick light core material (foam).

Depending on their manufacturing process, insulated wall panels can present some quality problems like face delamination (debonding) and a lack of face sheet flatness. At ARCEO Engineering, we put our extensive expertise in metal coating service at disposal of insulated wall panel manufactures in order to offer them a technical solution to obtain improved sandwich panels.

With our ArenFoam solution, we produce prepainted galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel or aluminium coils capable of being used as raw materials for high quality insulated wall panels.

What is ArenFoam?

ArenFoam is an epoxy-based coating applied on the B – face of these metallic substrates in order to replace the liquid adhesive traditionally used. No manual gluing and no harsh mechanical face sheet grinding are needed any longer. As a result, a continuous solid coating on the metallic surface is created ready to be adhered to a wide range of foam materials (Polyurethane foams, polyester foams, phenolic foams, etc.).   

Once ArenFoam is applied on the metallic surface, the other side of the coating remains chemically reactive, and therefore, foamable materials can be adhered to the coating in order to create the insulated wall panel.

For more information on our technical solution for enhanced sandwich panels, please see the ArenFoam technical datasheet or visit our ArenFoam presentation.  

Another great trick: in ARCEO Engineering we are able to apply coatings and backcoats at once without any cost increase!  In case of stainless steel, we are able to keep the perfect appearance of the A – face while in case of galvanized steel and cold rolled steel, we are able to coat A – face at the same time we apply the epoxy-based coating as a backcoat. 

If you want to know more details about the above mentioned insulated wall panel quality problems, you can read our article on Know the most common culprits of your insulated wall panel quality problems.


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